Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Tag: holiday

Fly Away With Me

Fly away with me
Travel to some distant shore
Where the sun always shines
And our troubles are a distant memory
Fly away with me
And let’s make a life anew
Free from our burdens
Missing our pasts
Fly away with me
Let us have nothing but us
Our two souls, our two bodies mingling
Under the tropical sun
Fly away with me
Bring only what is most important
To me that is you
When I have you nothing else matters

An Interlude

Life has been too fast-paced

Too many calls on my time

Demands for action

Too many things

Only one me

Perhaps an interlude is in order

A break away from it all

To gather oneself

And return stronger

Better, more able

An interlude to find

The improved me

Certainly worth considering


Long weekend

After a long week

A hard slog through the field of chemistry

It feels strange, odd to not have to go in

A Monday and no office or lab

Just home, relaxing

Kinda guilty really

Should be doing something

But don’t have to

It is a long weekend

Time to take it easy

To not do anything

A little extra respite from the working week

Gotta love bank holidays