Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

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You are beautiful

Lovely beyond words

Beyond description

Prettier than dreams can imagine


You are smart

A mind that can win against any problem

A sparkling wit wide in its powers and base

A match and stimulus to all thinking men


You are kind

A soul with more heart than possible

An empathy that controls all you do

A beacon of righteousness that shines to all


You are my love

My closest friend and soulmate

An angel that shines through the lone darkness of my existence

The greatest thing that has ever happened to me.


To be delayed

Caught by webs of interest, not going the way you have to

Finding something better to occupy time

Advancing along lines more able to hold interest

Time starts slipping

Minutes turn to hours, eons pass rapt in silence

The body still while the mind races

Riding with imagination, moving to new pastures of impossibility

Until the march of the clock awakens you from the daydream

And the humdrum minute of life

Recalls you to its urgent mindlessness


It is the next morning

The field is filled with the scattered detritus of the Bacchanalian rites of the night before

Bodies, bottles and other trash surrounds me

I find it hard to move amongst them

As if I am in a perilous minefield

Each step could find the hidden hand of a colleague

The surprise filth of some concealed waste

The scene is horrific, so at odds with the previous night

The old phrase rings true in my mind

The greater the heights that can be reached on a night

The deeper the lows the next day.


Most think the mask hides my face,

The plastic and cardboard shielding from the outside world,

But that is definitely not the case. 

The mask, is rather, the canvas for the soul.

An infinitely malleable, changeable, sheet for self-expression.

What the heart wants, the soul desires, is better displayed

with the mask-makers art than with a restricted face.

To see into a mans soul, look not at the face he chooses to hide

But at the mask he wears proudly.