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Grow Old With Me

Grow old with me
Let us watch the world pass by
Let us lament how things have changed
And complain how they always stay the same
Let us ignore the minute details of life
And concentrate on the important stuff
Like who gets to tuck the grandkids in
Or who will get the last word today
More so, grow old with me
So that I can spend each day with you
Everyday an adventure
Everyday made new an exciting
Simply because you are there
To share it with me


It is an odd situation

Privacy is an issue

Thoughts are kept to myself

Isolated from the world outside

From those I meet

Yet freely shared on the Blog

Without any hesitance

No thought to privacy there

Funny that

That the anonymity of the net can silence the idea

That certain words are only for some

And instead for all

Sharing against nature

Sleep with me tonight

Sleep with me tonight

Share a moment

An instant

A fleeting piece of time

Forever ours


Sleep with me tonight

Banish the pain

The lack of meaning

With a flash of pleasure

An orgasmic tonic for our ills


Sleep with me tonight

Lie with me for a time after

Sharing heat and touch

Together until the sun rises

The very beginnings of love


I thought it was again the time

To make myself another rhyme

Another chance to celebrate

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