Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Tag: sleeping

Snug And Tight

Cold outside

The sky is white

We are wrapped up

Snug and tight

Layers of blankets

Nice and deep


We don’t make a peep

Good and cosy

Very hot

Sweating like a


We are wanting soon to sleep

Together as we lay

Because quite soon the sun rise

And start a brand new day

Nodding off

Trying to stay awake
To finish that one last thing
One more little task
Eyes getting heavy
Forcing them awake
Limbs useless
Bed so comfortable
Maybe just a second
To gather my thoughts
And then, suddenly
Five hours later
Still in clothes, lights on
Radio murmuring sweet classical
Wondering what the hell happened
Thinking it may still be possible
If I time it right
To nod off again

Morning bed

Snuggly lying in the bed
Pillow wrapping round my head
Light outside is still so dim
Chance of getting up is slim
Sheets so soft and very nice
The air outside feels cold like ice
Although I must be getting late
My need for rest I cannot sate
In the end, much can be said
About a morning spent in bed