Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Tag: travelling

So Close, Yet So Far

So close, yet so far
We might as well be across the ocean
On the other side of the world again
For all the good it is going to do
So close, yet so far
Tantalizingly out of reach
A mere hair’s breath in cosmic terms
Yet a gulf for all practical purposes
So close, yet so far
No way of making that final leap
Crossing the final divide
Stuck where we are
So close, yet so far
Frustrated beyond belief
Temptation just beyond reach
The universe’s practical joke


Once again I sit

A long journey ahead of me

The demands of business to be met

Pandered to

When a vision come along side me

Taking the seat opposite me

Long brunette hair, soulful brown eyes

She looks up after sitting down

Our eyes meet

There is a spark, something there

She blushes slightly, smiles at me

And my attitude changes

There will be something different on this journey

This one has


Our Journey

Wherever I roam, Wherever I go

Whatever I see, Whatever I do

Whomever I love, Whomever hate

My journey is without end

Extending from my first ever step

To that last tumbling, scrabbling fall

My constant is the journey

It is what makes me, defines me

Adds to my life, my experience

My journey changes me

I am not the same as I started

For how can I stay the same after the journey of a lifetime?

The start and the destination are the same for us all

It is only the journey, the routes we take that mark us separate

The high and the low road

The long and slow path, the fast slope to oblivion

Each unique, each special, each a piece of magic in its own