Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: August, 2011


I write

Not for glory, or for fame

Not to have my name etched for eternity in words

But simply to speak

To have a record of who I was

Of what I thought

So that maybe, just maybe

In years to come

I can look back and know

The life of this humble man.

A simple goal is it not?


Load your woes on my shoulders

They are broad and will hold.

Let me get you through problems

I know they’ll not fold.

I’ll give you my time so we can just talk

So these issues can melt in the air.

Turn a smile from a frown, lift you up when your down

Make you world that little more fair.

While this help that I give may give me some grief

I will do for no other end.

That if it comes to be, you’ll do it for me

That’s why I call you my friend.

The mountain

To look at the mountain is to feel despair

To feel hopeless in the magnitude of what faces you

The size of the task ahead seeming far bigger than what can possibly be achieved by mortal man.

That is why you must look instead at the small-scale

At the next ridge, the next camp, the close horizon

Achieve your goal one piece at a time

Pace yourself and there is nothing you can’t achieve.


Lost in the scenic tapestry of a rural idyll

Trying to find your way home but still besotten by the view

As if your own mind is misdirecting you so you can more admire the splendor

The desire to reach your destination calmed by the beauty of the route

The goal will be reached eventually

You have only but to preservere

For the time being enjoy the journey.

The Bat

On the one side a busy street, filled with the lights of an endless procession of cars.

The other looks out into an abyss

Patrolled by a single swift presence

Moving through the rapidly growing dark in fits and starts

You can only see it in glimpses, the occasional blur of shadow or flit of wing

But it is there

Unseen by the masses of people moving by

Left to go about its business even amongst this urban chaos

Undisturbed nature in the heart of the city.

Musings on a morning walk

Early morning sun peaks over the horizon

Covering all with a golden blanket

As if an iridescent paint has been coated on the sides of those high enjoy to feel sun

What more, it is only on the one side

A Janus effect of metallic light on one side and drab dark on the other

It is truly beautiful

A gift from the gods for those who brave the summer sunrise.


To sleep,

To be cradled in the loving arms of Orpheus.

To sail softly in the seas of slumbers temporary oblivion.

To visit the land of nod.

To lose yourself in the deepest reaches of your dreams,

Cast off the days troubles in an ecstasy of rest.

To sleep,

Ah well.

Ode to Herbert Park

For a hundred years you’ve served us all

From the oldest pensioner to the freshest babe

you have provided a glimpse of natures soft sanity in the midst of furious urban madness

A place to relax, to think, to meet friends in quiet seclusion.

This is what you have done for us

A gift provided free of charge

only asking that you do not intrude the peace of others

For that and much more we, all of us thank you.


To set your thoughts in words of verse

Nothing else can be so worse

To force your mind upon the mob

So when you cry, they can sob

and spread your joy to far and near

A little love, some pain, or fear

Your mind to show more than you dare

To give your message, all you care

Our soul forever wrapped in word

All other goals will sound absurd.

Short legs

Short legs moving as if in a blur

Keeping fast pace to hold with life around them

No time to stop, for life does not stop

Each step of those who tower above, takes the short dozens to catch up

Each moment magnified many fold

Even a shorter life can spread on to infinity.