Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: October, 2012

Limericks 31/10/12

I once knew a fellow called Fred

Someone threw a rock near his head

“You moron” he hissed

“I see that you missed

Would you rather I stood here instead?”


If you throw a banger in the air

And where it falls down do not care

Do not be surprised

If you end up fried

When the firework sets fire to your hair


A friend of mine called Colleen

Who was always working a scheme

To prevent his next crash

He’d need some more cash

To be paid back with interest It’d seem



Welcome to a new year

Born into darkness

Born into cold

A new cycle of death

To be followed by rebirth

The eternal cycle

To be celebrated

For without death there is no life

Without decay there is no regrowth

Without winter there is no spring

So we celebrate and give thanks

Thanks to nature, thanks to the cycle

Light the bonfires, appease the spirits

Oíche Samhain Shona Duit

And a happy Halloween to you all


Isolated, seemingly in seats of power

Behind screens of electronic anonymity

Unable to see the damage

Or not caring

Laying rip with what they think are thrusts of rapier wit

But in reality are just petty

The small concerns of tiny minds

Yet sadly enough

More than some can take

Made to feel worthless, ugly

Though they are anything but

Attempted defence, pleas to stop

Only bring more hurt, like a red rag to a bull

Ceaseless, reaching through the ether

To every place of solitude, no escape

Except for one, the rope, the knife

Boundless possibility wiped out in a moment of despair

While up in their mountain, protected, unseeing

They revel in their power

At what their words have achieved

The truest mark of the coward


Dedicated to the memory of Erin Gallagher and all of the other young people who have committed suicide due to cyber bullying. Never again.

Long weekend

After a long week

A hard slog through the field of chemistry

It feels strange, odd to not have to go in

A Monday and no office or lab

Just home, relaxing

Kinda guilty really

Should be doing something

But don’t have to

It is a long weekend

Time to take it easy

To not do anything

A little extra respite from the working week

Gotta love bank holidays


Moving through the branches

Fluid-like, waves in the trees

Flowing around the leaves

Following the contours of the wood

On their own ineffable path

Seeking the target of their own wants, plans

Unconcerned with those watching them

Just to stay away

Up in the trees

Their own home domain

An ode to Bloodsport

A martial arts bloodbath

All covered in glam

The Muscles from Brussels

Jean-Claude Van Damme

The “plot” is quite simple

Our soldier Frank

All sinew and muscle

Built like a tank

Taught how to fight

By a Japanese master

Loaded with skills

Stronger and faster

Gathered with fighters

From around the world

Old Frankie went AWOL

When the fighting unfurled

He headed to Hong Kong

To fight in a ring

While federal agents

Tried to set up a sting

With his friend big Ray Jackson

And the sexy Leah Ayres

Fight after fight

While synth music blares

When Ray Jackson is smashed

Frankie vows to get even

Cue more extreme nude shots

Then you’d be believe’n

In the end our man Dux

Won the kumite

Though he was half blind

He still saw the way

Bloody and macho

It wasn’t cut short

A wonderful movie

Van Damme in Bloodsport

The walk of shame

Bleary eyed and stumbling

One shoe missing

Make-up smeared

Cocktail dress dishevelled

Walking in unfamiliar territory

Seeking a way out, home

Ignoring the looks coming from behind closed doors

Looks of judgement

Yet she stands tall

Walking with grace

Well as much as one shoe can afford

With her there is no problem

With her it is no walk of shame


Late in the night

Or early in the morning

Depending on your point of view

Mood bolstered by merrymaking

Always good in excess

Ignoring the light rain

Falling from a dark sky

Slowly making my way up a lane-way

Steps careful on the wet ground

Seeking fast food excellence

Down at the local chipper

Careless glances into bushes

Finds two eyes looking back

Eyes surrounded by whitish fur

A fox, staring at me

I look at it, it stares back

Neither moves for a minute

Both unwilling to act

Waiting for the other to make the next move

The rain and growing hunger force my hand

I continue on

Looking back I see the creature still staring

Unmoved and waiting

For me to be gone

So it can continue its mysterious activities

In peace

Haikus 27/10/12

Dancing till all-hours
Late nights and early mornings
Leaves a fellow tired
Drunken woman falls
Skimpy costume tears open
Accidents happen
One fun night over
Now prepare for the next one
No rest for wicked

A Costume

Dressing as a bottle of beer
A head with antlers like a deer
Sci-fi villains, evil ghost
A great big buttered piece of toast
Men in black with a ray gun
Halloween is sure such fun

Army general, navy diver
Ski masks for only a fiver
Chainsaw wielding psycho killer
Zombie number four from Thriller
Sumo suit can weigh a ton
But Halloween is still such fun