My Books!

Hi there! If you like my blog then perhaps I would be able to interest you in the books that I have published.

Firstly is 21 days available on lulu which is a delightful short collection of romantic poetry which would be the perfect gift for a significant other at any time.

21 days

Next we have The like button (also available on Amazon), a collection of poetry and short stories selected from my two blogs by the readers themselves. If you want the definitive list of the best my blogs have to offer you would be pressed to find anything better than that, not to mention there are a few extra surprises as well. Also available in e-book.

The like button

Drawn from the Aether is my third collection of writing and has been released on Lulu since the start of May 2015 (and now on Amazon).

Drawn From the Aether

There is also a new book that I have contributed to, Picture it and Write Volume 1, available now on kindle and paperback it is from the amazing girls in Ermilia and has another 22 amazing authors contributing to it.

I have also contributed to Seaglass and other Stories, a collection of shortstories from the blackpearpress short story writing competition.

Click the links, check them out, and if you want, go ahead and buy and I will love you forever 🙂