Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: November, 2014

Haikus 28/11/14

Christmas’ first sign
Fun frolics and naff jumpers
The late late toy show

Mom makes tea cosies
Owning one can be quite tough
Fighting urge to wear

Arrive late for work?
Totally not a problem
Just work really late


Suddenly, life changes

Without warning what was once ironclad can become shattered


Cast away from all that is known

Cast to the very edge of life

The edge of sanity

All for the sake of a few seconds

For a brief moment of indecision

Of lapsing judgement

Leading to a lifetime of regret

A lifetime of repercussions

No life at all

Suddenly is all it takes

For a life years in the making

A life lived

Taken for granted

To be gone


Haikus 26/11/14

Less than an month left
But it is still November
Too soon for Christmas

School visits are planned
“No! Science is a great


Lying to the kids.

Foggy winters day
Cold makes it hard to get up
From under warm sheets

Hole in ground for sale
Asking price two million
Selling potential

Haikus 22/11/14

Disaster movies
Please don’t mention climate change
That’s impolitic

Charity giving
Even if it’s very small
Makes you feel better

My friend the wordsmith
Is performing tomorrow
I think I should go

Haikus 21/11/14

A new tradition
Inaugurated this week
Steak and movie night

Government backs down
Will that silence the masses?
Campaigners say “Nope!”

A hopeful action
No guarantee of success
Worth it just to try

Winter weather’s here
The cold made very much worse
By an empty bed

Stories in these Walls

Walk with me
Through these hallowed halls
Filled with history
Ghosts of men long gone
Filled with tales of forbidden love
Of the great torment of genius
Of culture’s great clash
Come with me my friend
Let me be your guide
As I tell you tales
The stories in these walls


You are distant now
Past forests and seas
Past clouds and the mountains that pierce them
Across the very world

Our separation is vast
Almost beyond comprehension
The width of the world between us
Keeping you from my arms

But I weep not
Because though the world keeps us apart
With a barrier of distance
We are still together

Together in our minds
Together in our hearts
And not even the distance of the world
Can keep my love from you



Haikus 04/11/14

Attractive woman
Hides beneath her overcoat
From lecherous eyes

At the coffee shop
A man spends his day waiting
For his life to start

Pictures on railings
Sold by struggling new artists
Seeking patronage

Cape in the Wind

Walking home
Halloween party reluctantly over
Costume half-off, half-on
Gone is the mask
But remaining, defiant
A cape, blood scarlet
Home, past merry revelers
Public urination
Brief moments of passion
I ignore them all
Only my homeward goal
Perhaps a quick stop for a bite
But nothing else
Only the rhythmic march of steps
The stars overhead
The cold night air
And my cape rustling in the wind
As I ponder a night to savour