Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: January, 2012

Got to

I’ve got to go

Things to do

Don’t think I’m not sore

But needs must

Do not be sad

Do not remember what is lost

But what was had

What had been gained in our meetings

What we will carry forever

I’ve got to go

But I will be back

To not do so would be unconscionable

So until then dear friends

I bid you adieu.

Porn in HD

I want to watch porn in HD

To see details so much more clearly

I know what I will like to see

So I want to watch porn in HD.


I want a nice glass of Whiskey

I think I deserve it you see

A good dram goes down so easy

Like the girls on the porn in HD.


I want a night out just for me

To see what I want to see

For life to gather round me

So much better than porn in HD.

The night we got locked

Gather round young people and I’ll tell you a tale

It will entertain, no chance it will fail

Of an evening some years back that quite simply ROCKED

The night me and Harry, my best mate, got locked!


It was on a Friday, at five in the evening

Two hours in Malloy’s, no sign of us leaving

Spouting out bollix, talking the shite

You’d have to agree, great start to the night.


From there we decided, to move right on down

For further libations out on the town

First guarding ourselves against energy dips

With world standard soakage, of burger and chips.


We reached town quite quickly, about half past seven

And from that time on, where in drinker’s heaven

Pints and shorts, bottles galore

Acting like kids in a candy store.


As time moved on we left the pubs

And graduated then on to nightclubs

Shots and cocktails on the menu

Expensive fodder I can tell you.


But it was worth it, the man confesses

The lovely ladies, skimpy dresses

Giving looks on the dance floor

We joined in, need I say more.


By this time though, we were so drunk

Our dancing style was free-form junk

Still, two you ladies were amused

Can’t tell why, we were confused.


They were named Jen and her friend Grace

Supple of body, pretty of face

Closely together, we both did dance

We thought we both were in with a chance.


The music soon finished, the lights turned on bright

Unfortunate Harry was given a fright

He’d seen in the brightness, found to his chagrin

That Jen in reality was ugly as sin.


I on the other, had simply lucked out

Grace was a beauty, there was no doubt

And hand in hand walked back to her place

A great big ol’ grin upon my fat face.


I was there in Grace’s until the next day

By then for my excess, I’d started to pay

Shuffling in agony, the long walk of shame

Then a dark room and bed, to sleep off my pain.


Harry, the trooper, had stayed with her friend

But was joyed by the stuff she did in the end

Years later, no lying, he married that girl

They get up to stuff that will make your head swirl.


So that was our tale of the night on the lash

I hope you don’t find it too crude or rash

And the next time you go out until all hours

You will end it as sweetly as we both did ours.

How Come

How come though we’re warned we still touch wet paint?

How come though you’re sinful I say you’re a saint?

How come each every evening we bicker and fight?

How come our fights end with a wonderful night?

How come your craziness is driving me mad?

How come I stick with you though they tell me you’re bad?

How come I’m still here after all we’ve been through?

How come in the end I’m in love, with you?

Just In Case

Just in case it all goes wrong

Just in case I fail

Just in case I don’t last long

I’ve made a way to bail.


Just in case you tell me “No”

Just in case you spurn me

Just in case you tell me “Go”

To quench the flames that burn me.


Just in case this is my last

Just in case my heart’s broke

Just in case I need out fast

Escape with puff of smoke.


Just in case you smile at me

Just in case you say so

You know how happy I will be

So ask you I will go.

Cop On

If you could just cop on for a second

Realise that there is more to life than you

That other people have needs, have things to do

That we are not your slaves

That would be something.


If you could stop for a second and calm down

Keep yourself from running about in a state of madness

You have a long life to live, no need to do it all in a day

The future will still be there tomorrow

Try and spend more time in the now.


It time you woke up and smelled the roses

You have been in your own world for too long

Things are happening around you

If you don’t get moving you will miss out

We don’t want to leave you behind.

That’s Low

You’ve brought out a baby?

My god man! That’s low

It’s got such cute dimples

I’ll tell all I know

I don’t want it crying

Where you need me, I’ll go

So fast it gives me a chill.


You have a small puppy?

You’re crazy, that’s bad

It’s so cute and fuzzy

It’s driving me mad

I’ll give all you want

Don’t make it look sad

This treachery’s making me ill.


You bring a hot model?

You bastard, that’s cold

For just one more look

You have me, I’m sold

If goodness won’t get her

Okay, I’ll be bold

Its wrong but it gives me a thrill.

Limerick 2 24/01

One morning while walking the dog

We found ourselves in a thick fog

To home I did make

But made the mistake

Of tying the lead to a log.

Limerick 1 24/01

One night I went down to the pub

To partake of delicious Pub-Grub

The third T-Bone steak

Was all I could take

So I had to lay down in the tub.


You often ask what do you do

If a tiger comes walking by you?

Not just will you fail

If you grab the cat’s tail

You’ll be covered in tiger doo-doo.