Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Category: Haikus

Haikus 13/11/19

Metro prices rise

School Children Jump Barriers

Wide Scale Evasion


Marches everywhere

All classes and all ages

Gringos Not allowed


Unlikely mascot

For Chile’s revolution

Dancing Pikachu


Marches are Peaceful

Except for the bad element

They watch the world burn

Haikus 130918

Airplanes fly over

Soldiers march along the street

The diceocho


The ground is shaking

But I don’t feel anything

Engrossed in my work


I light a candle

An offering for loved ones

To show that I care


Haikus 240618

I lit the candles

An offering to the gods

To help whom I love


Seven Months ago

I was melting in summer

What difference it is


Filters for my tank

Clogged with green strands of algae

Clearing it won’t last

Haikus 200618

Rain came here last week

It cleaned the air up nicely

The snow was so close


My three year old niece

She is repeating my words

Have to watch my tongue


Haikus 140318

Steel yourself young man

For Green beer and pipe music

Patrick’s day is near


Been told I’ve a talk

Haven’t a clue where or when

Some preparation


Over one year past

I tied the knot bye a tower

A year of pure love.

Haikus 25012018

First trip from Chile

To not so warm Florida

I saw manatees


Queuing for visas

Lines going around the block

Many hours to wait


Job applications

Interviews, practice classes

Lots of work to do

Haikus 24/10/17

My wife is in bed

Sick with a blocked nose and cough

Treatment, tea and hugs


Dangerous spiders

May be found sneaking in our flat

They sure love bathrooms


Grandmother’s Birthday

She has reached one hundred years

And still going strong

Haikus 300917

It’s raining outside

I would be drenched to the skin

Best to stay inside


New plants in fish tank

Hopefully these will survive

Aquascaping woes


Correcting English

In the head guys manuscript

Hope he won’t get mad

Haikus 100917

Independence day

Celebrated Chilean Style

The dieciocho


More Jobs applied for

Here´s hoping this time´s the charm

But no guarantees


More Spanish Lessons

Will be starting very soon

Hope I learn something


It´s spring possibly

The buds on the trees say yes

But the cold winds no


Haikus 24/08/17

Interviewed today

By young college film students

On immigrant life


Writing in Spanish

Can never find the right word

Need dictionary


My brand new CV

Written in my new language

Wife says it’s nonsense