Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: July, 2012

Haikus 31/07/12

Making corrections

Not sure if they’re the right ones

Not sure it matters


Sugar and acid

Forms a snake of carbon foam

Great to impress kids


Black crude forms in flask

Moves with big-ass magnet

I love chemistry



Eyes seeing

Eyes wanting

Eyes desiring

Eyes needing

Eyes following

Eyes loving

But only the eyes

The rest crippled by shyness

The rest unable to even speak

Only frustration

Only torment

Only the eyes

Line after line

Line after line after line

Senseless drivel

Grade A bullshit

No rhyme, no reason

¬†Just there ‘because’

So that the form can be adhered to

The bureaucrats pleased

The mountains of paperwork maintained

The true purpose, the eventual meaning

Lost, buried,

Only to be seen if examined closely

Studied carefully

And with luck, so much luck

By the favour of the gods


So that it was all not in vain

And the cycle can repeat again


There is an itch I can’t scratch

A niggling, burrowing irritation

Something that won’t go away

Something I want gone

An itch that drives me mad

Sours my day and all I do

My waking and my sleep, my day and my night

All ruined

By an itch

A tiny little itch

An Itch I can’t scratch


Airport arrivals

Deary, depressing places

Built for transit, eminently practical

No airs or graces

Just there to serve a purpose

But yet for those moments of arrival

Of greeting

A site of something magical

Of a child returning home

Of lovers reunited

Long lost friends making new adventures

The whole world moves through here

All open, all raw, all there

The human story laid bare

In seats of the arrivals lounge


Injustice fills the world

Injustices of nature

And of society

From the svelte woman who seemingly can eat whatever she wants

To the banker who gets a bonus after all investments fail

The rich man with a direct line to the president

The poor man who cannot even dream of a vote

Injustice an impossible mountain

Too high to even see the top

But there are ways around

Ways to make the world work as it should

Ways to make things better, fairer

Maybe not perfect, but that was never going to happen

Because there is injustice fills the world

But that doesn’t mean you have to take it lying down.

Limerick 26/07/12

There once was a fella called Joe

Whom all of the people would know

When he moved a few feet

Someone else he would greet

So moveing around was quite slow


Your words are not my own

Yet I use them

To confirm my ideals

Make my arguments

State my views

It matters not what was the true meaning

Only what I take from it

Grotesque distortion, inane misunderstanding

Part and parcel of the life of a piece

Cast off into the ether away from its creator

And their protection

Liable to be re-used and abused

With no redress or talk back

The muse of creation again defeated

In the grand battle against ignorance

Haikus 25/07/12

Speaking constantly

Never making any sense

I shall hit him soon


Room is far to warm

Dropping into a deep sleep

Pen on head soon wakes


That’s a good question

  Let me answer it for you

With big shiny graphs

The hangers

It’s not the clothes, it’s the hangers

Wise words, well said

No matter how well dressed

How well-groomed

The truth comes out

The evil comes through

And taints the finest fabrics

And where good resides

Even the grubbiest, oldest cloth

Takes on an element of brilliance

Broadcasting the quality to the world