Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: August, 2013

Trifecta Haiku

Good things come in threes

Writers from across the world

Trifecta challenge


Written for trifecta’s trifextra week eighty-three¬†

My new muse

Be certain

That though this may not be active

I am still writing

Writing words of sweet verse

Just not for you

For these are not for the wider world

But rather for one who inspires in me

The deepest reservoirs of passion

The strongest desire

A caring, nurturing soul

Who makes me strive to be better

In life, in word, in all things

I am still writing

And sometimes I post

But my new muse demands my attentions

And to her I will never say no

Haikus 24/08/13

Sliced raw fish on rice
Move on a conveyor belt
Sushi restaurant

Old clothes are worn out
Need to keep up with the trends
Time for shopping spree

Enter a bookshop
“I’ve enough books, just browsing”
Leaves with full bags, “Drat!”

The Mark

I wake in state

The lowest I’d rate

That I had ever been in

My head was a fog

And stomach agog

My ears rang a curious din


I raised my arm above my head

All the time wishing that I was dead

I move my arm and alas, hark!

For  upon my hand

That loathsome brand

The most dreaded mark


Oh! How could it be so

That to there I would go

Infinity nightclub, what was I thinking?

But my head is so sore

There’s bottles on the floor

It must have been all the drinking


Though every time I say “don’t”

I find myself in a place I won’t

Normally ever go

Filled with dopes

Spreading gropes

And things you’d best not know


Beside me something moves

Emerging from the blankets groove

What have I done? I’m feeling quite wrong

But out from the sheet

Comes a girl looking neat

Infinity’s my place from now on


Written for Trifecta week ninety-one.


I’d like to make my introductions
Let you get to know me
Who I am
What I have done
There is a lot of story you know
More than meets the eye
It may be surprising
Might come as a shock
But it is me
All of it
Every piece playing it’s part
All important, all integral
If I am to make my introductions
In the interest of fairness
I can’t not introduce that

Haikus 14/08/13

Beautiful blossom
Attracting many insects
The canal lily

Today is the day
The end of many years work
Leaving cert results

Tonight the town jumps
Our future leaders party
Time to celebrate


In front I stand
Weaving my words
Casting my spell of fiction
Of rhyme and verse
Tall tales of daring do
Sweet moments of romance
All wrapped in the gift of language
The wonderous spoken word
I see it weave its exquisite trap
Grabbing hold of imagination
Keeping the soul in thrall
A hundered faces watch in awe
Hanging on every word
As the storyteller casts his spell

Forgive Me

Forgive me
Excuse my absence
The lack of verse and rhyme
Which once graced these pages
With clockwork regularity
I have been remiss
Lacking in will
The dedication
Which may be expected
And even deserved
Forgive me
Accept my apologies
And fear not
For the pen will not be silent forever

The Moment

I can see it
I can feel it
That perfect moment
Divine instant
When two souls
Two hearts
Two lives
Meet with touched lips
The microscopically short
Yet eternally lasting
First kiss

Joe and Scriptor Collaboration Seven

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