Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Month: February, 2013

So Close, Yet So Far

So close, yet so far
We might as well be across the ocean
On the other side of the world again
For all the good it is going to do
So close, yet so far
Tantalizingly out of reach
A mere hair’s breath in cosmic terms
Yet a gulf for all practical purposes
So close, yet so far
No way of making that final leap
Crossing the final divide
Stuck where we are
So close, yet so far
Frustrated beyond belief
Temptation just beyond reach
The universe’s practical joke

First World Problem

I have a First World problem
I can’t get Skimmed milk for my Latte
The broadband here is too slow
I just don’t know where I will go on holiday this year
Flights can be a pain to organise
Which music player will I buy
My CD collection is too big
I will have to organise it (groan)
So much food in the house
But I have to cook it
So many problems
In such myopic detail
That is I concentrate on them
If I look really hard
Then I won’t hear a damn thing
Of the cries for help coming from all around us
For I have my First World Problems
And that is all I can concentrate on at the moment

Science It Up

The idea is a good one

I really like it

But it is missing something, something important

I know what it is


You need to science it up

Add some men in white coats

Just to stand around and look important

Holding writing pads would be a bonus

Maybe something flashing, or buzzing

Yeah! That would be good

And a graphic, “the science bit”

With a good old graph as well

The more colours the better

Some flasks of stuff that looks dangerous

Put a couple of signs too

Danger and explosive

Make things a little tense

After all

You need to science things up

Make it exciting

Because what you do here

Important though it is

Isn’t exciting at all

Fly Away With Me

Fly away with me
Travel to some distant shore
Where the sun always shines
And our troubles are a distant memory
Fly away with me
And let’s make a life anew
Free from our burdens
Missing our pasts
Fly away with me
Let us have nothing but us
Our two souls, our two bodies mingling
Under the tropical sun
Fly away with me
Bring only what is most important
To me that is you
When I have you nothing else matters


Sometimes it has to be done
Though it is neither pleasant or easy
It is necessary
So I do it willingly
Make the sacrifice, do the deed
Others have done it before me
More shall do it after me
I am just part of the cycle
Making the sacrifice
Doing what needs to be done
And if you don’t like that
If you don’t understand
Don’t be troubled
Perhaps some day all this will come into focus
The world will make more sense
And then you will

Keeping Me in Bed

There are some things keeping me in bed
It is far too cold outside
You could hang meat out there
I’d freeze in seconds
Better stay where it is cozy
I’d be too early as well
If I was to go now it would be silly
I doubt there is a bus now
I’d be a fool to try and walk it
Mostly, and I probably won’t say this to anyone else
It is because I want to spend
Those few more precious minutes
Lying next to you, silent as a church mouse
By far the best part of my day

Limericks 24/02/13

I once knew a fellow called Jake
Who bought himself a pet snake
It started eating rats
Graduated to cats
And soon enough it ate Jake
I once had a mate called Melvin
Who had a good line in Shelving
He’d drill them in tall
Sure they’d not fall
Because he did the right delving

What’s The Story

Howya bud, what’s the story?

Tell me what’s the jackanorry

Ya know your one who with your man

She met him at the chipper van

I’d be scarlet for her ma

He got a hiding from her da

Story Bud, any buzz?

Jayz I’ve got an awful scuzz

I must have drunk a dodgey scoop

And now I’m bringing up me hoop

Up this morning in bleeding bits

Me Ma was having fucking fits

How’s the craic head the ball?

You won’t believe your one at all

He was out there keeping sketch

Got caught and has to do a stretch

You should see him in the ‘Joy

Bring his chiseler, little Roy

Haven’t been in a donkey’s year

They’ve some fucking massive beer

It’ll get you langered with one sip

But jayz it is an awful kip

I’d be morto with the gaff

The gear’s enough to make you laugh

Haikus 23/02/13

Sober Irishman
Some people say that is strange There’s a few of us
Funding accepted
Now in the job for longer
Can’t get rid of me
Love telling stories
Wondrous tales of gods and men Very fun sometimes

Knit Me Some Kindness

Knit me some kindness

A warm and fuzzy hug just for me

Something to warm on cold nights

To keep out the darkness and keep in the light

To bring comfort and security

To help me through my darkest days

To lift me when I’m down

To keep me from falling again

Knit me some kindness

As a symbol of our friendship

And I will knit you some as well