Poetry from a Dublin Scientist

Haikus 03/07/16

Southern Hemisphere

Internet friends sun bathing

While I’m here freezing


Football fans everywhere

Looking to the action in France

The world holds its breath

Forever Young

Months have passed

Years, decades

But to me

To my eyes

You look the same

The doe-eyed girl that I knew

That very first time



Forever young

Forever in my heart

Haikus 18/04/16

Rain all the weekend

Then on Monday an tremor

Now what will happen?


Flooding in the streets

Eventually subsides

Leaving dirt everywhere


During sunny days

Sunlight bakes the air opaque

For rain to wash clear

Haikus 12/04/16

The election’s over

Now’s the time for horse-trading

For our government


It’s raining today

It makes a really big change

From a four month drought


The Cat started shy

But is becoming friendly

Slowly but surely

Limericks 12/04/16

Upon landing in Chile*

A lady beside me did say

“If there’s an Earthquake

And your home starts to shake

Get the hell out sans delay.”


*(FYI… Over here they Pronounce it Chilay)


If there was one thing for which I would wish

It would be a huge tank for my fish

And just for a lark

Perhaps a shark

That will find all the rest real delish

The Heat of Your Heart

I am cold

Shivering in the cool air of the night

Seeking whatever warmth I can find

So I reach out

Reach out to you

And I am finally warm

Keeping myself close to you

And basking in

The heat of your heart


On the mountain top

The whole world is beneath me

Cannot but marvel


Written for The Grammar Ghoul Press Shapeshifting 13 challenge number 45.

Haikus 25/02/16

Freshly made green tea

With sugar added boldly

The taste of heaven


The Andes close by

Their snow caps from sea level

Like stationary clouds


Above thunderstorms

Shook up a bit but great view

Better than fire works


I’m illiterate

Until I learn the language

So I must study

Stars and Rainbows

You are my inspiration

A source of magic in my life

When you are around me

When thoughts of you dominate my day

The world is switched to technicolor

My days are filled with rainbows

And my nights populated with iridescent stars

The world is filled with beauty

And I am happy

Because I am with you

A new book with me in it

So you know


Good news!

I have two stories included in the latest flash fiction anthology by Black Pear Press called “A Stash Of Flashes” you can buy it here.

Do so and I will love you for ever.


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