Poetry from a Dublin Scientist


On the mountain top

The whole world is beneath me

Cannot but marvel


Written for The Grammar Ghoul Press Shapeshifting 13 challenge number 45.

Haikus 25/02/16

Freshly made green tea

With sugar added boldly

The taste of heaven


The Andes close by

Their snow caps from sea level

Like stationary clouds


Above thunderstorms

Shook up a bit but great view

Better than fire works


I’m illiterate

Until I learn the language

So I must study

Stars and Rainbows

You are my inspiration

A source of magic in my life

When you are around me

When thoughts of you dominate my day

The world is switched to technicolor

My days are filled with rainbows

And my nights populated with iridescent stars

The world is filled with beauty

And I am happy

Because I am with you

A new book with me in it

So you know


Good news!

I have two stories included in the latest flash fiction anthology by Black Pear Press called “A Stash Of Flashes” you can buy it here.

Do so and I will love you for ever.


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New book!

So you know!


Hi There!

A new book with me in it is available for you to purchase from the excellent people at Original Irish Writing. Go ahead. Check it out. Extra awesomeness goes to all who purchase.

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Rhymes 2

Bob and Alice, sitting in a tree

Transferring an STD

First there’s love

Then there’s not

Because poor Alice needs a shot


Weeks pass to day pass to hours
I wait, wait with baited breath
Wait for she who lights my life
She who completes me
Makes my soul sing
Makes me happy
Makes me better
I have waited a long time
But she will be in my arms again


You are mine my love
I called dibbs
Set my claim
Paramount and in perpetuity
All rights reserved
Public and private

I’ve called dibbs
On your smile
On your laugh
On the mischief in your eyes
On the whispers on your lips
On the song within your heart

I’ve called dibbs
On being there for you
Every day without fail
On being your rock, your cushion
Your bulwark against the world

I’ve called dibbs
On the good
And the bad
The laughter and the tears
The fights and the making ups

I’ve called dibbs
For all my days
Whatever there maybe
Because my love, I know full well
You’ve called dibbs on me

Haikus 13/08/15

The Rose of Tralee
Aren’t they all lovely girls
Crass misogyny

Coming late for work
But working late iate into the night
Will only go so far

The mad adventures
Of Ross O’Carroll Kelly
Addictive reading

She moves through the fair

She moves through the fair
Dressed in flowers with hair of golden sun

She moves through the fair
Past stalls, crowds

She moves through the fair
Towards a nervous suitor

She moves through the fair
My hand in hers, leading on

She moves through the fair
Always in my heart, cherished forever


From Grammarghoul Press


Written for the Grammar Ghoul Press Shapeshifting 13 Challenge #12